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General Requirements for Individual Members

  • A desire to use the CRTA grounds for the exercising and/or training of their retrievers, or a desire to use the CRTA Goose Lake grounds for the exercising and/or training of their NAVHDA-registered versatile hunting dogs.

  • Member in good standing of a club or association that has joined the CRTA as a Member club.<Click here for List of Member Clubs>

  • Good Sportsman.

  • Good Character.

  • No recent occasion of abuse of a dog or abuse of grounds.

  • Not under suspension or disbarment by AKC, UKC, HRC, NAHRA, NAVHDA, or a professional trainers' association.

Individual Membership Categories and 2022 Fees

  • All memberships end on December 31 other than the Goose Lake Snowbird membership.

  • The Regular Membership category is for individuals who are "amateurs" as defined by AKC. Spouse Members have all the rights and privileges of a Regular Member.
    Regular Membership: $600.
    Regular Membership with a Spouse Membership: $700.
    Spouse Membership added to an existing Regular Membership: $100.
    If member is joining for 2023 after a previous membership has lapsed, November and December of 2022 are included with 2023 for no separate fee.

  • The Professional Membership category is for individuals who are professional trainers. Professional membership also includes one professional assistant when training with the member. Contact the Association Secretary for details on this category of membership.
    Professional Membership: $1200.

  • The Goose Lake Snowbird category is for out-of-state individuals whose use of CRTA grounds takes place primarily at Goose Lake. The Goose Lake Snowbird membership includes the member's professional assistant if member is a professional or member's spouse if member is an amateur - when training with the member.
    Goose Lake Snowbird membership: $350 per month for both professional and amateur trainers.

  • Applicants for a Regular Membership who are joining CRTA for the first time have a reduced fee that depends on when their membership begins. These reduced fees for first-time joiners are as follows (fee in parentheses is for a membership including the Spouse).
    Membership starting in month of:
      February: $550   ($642)
      March: $500   ($583)
      April: $450   ($525)
      May: $400   ($465)
      June: $350   ($408)
      July: $300   ($350)
      August: $250   ($292)
      September: $200   ($233)
      October: $180   ($205)
      November or December: November and December are included for free with a membership for the following year.

2022 Membership Camping

  • Dry camping is available on both the Goose Lake and Denverton grounds. CRTA members may purchase pre-paid camping or pay a nightly fee.
    Nightly camping: $25 per night.
    Regular Pre-paid Camping: $175. Second trailer for same member at Goose Lake: $125.

  • Trailers parked in the Denverton campground must be occupied each night unless member has Special Pre-paid Camping (limited number of spots - a waiting list is maintained when the limit has been reached).
    Special Pre-paid Camping: $800.

  • One Denverton campsite is available for full time residential (seasonal or all year) camping by a CRTA Professional Member. This campsite is currently booked. (There are no limits on full time camping at the Goose Lake grounds by CRTA Professional Members.)
    Denverton full time campsite: $800.

How to Join

  • Contact the Association Secretary for a 2022 membership application. Email:

  • When requesting a membership application form, please advise if you are a professional trainer. Click here for the proof-of-insurance requirements for Professional Memberships.

  • When requesting a membership application form, please advise whether you are joining CRTA for the first time, or are renewing or rejoining.

  • If you would be joining for the first time, please include information about your dog, your retriever training interests, and why you are interested in joining CRTA. Let us know how you heard of CRTA and what other CRTA members you already know, if any.


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