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The first time you log in:


Every CRTA member has been is assigned a unique ID and password. Your ID is the email address that you initially provided to CRTA when you joined. You can change it yourself under My Profile. CRTA does not change it for you. Your password was generated automatically and emailed to your email address when your membership application was first processed.


If you have lost your password, contact the Association Secretary. The "forgot my password" tool on the website does not work reliably.


After you log in:


Select the desired training grounds (Goose Lake, Denverton or Grizzly Ranch) from the links at the top of the Members Only page. Once you are on the training grounds page, select the training area (T-1, T-2, etc.) from the drop-down menu.


The calendar will display the current week as well as reserved/available areas. You can scroll the calendar forward by selecting the "next" button. Find the date you wish to reserve, select by clicking on the calendar white circle, and the click on "Confirm Reservation."


Check reservation information and click "Send" to complete the reservation. If you do not click "Send" your reservation will not take effect. If you want to change the reservation before you click "Send," click the button "Cancel and choose a different reservation" which will start the process again. To change it after you click "Send" select "My Reservations" to see a list of your reservations.




After making a reservation, look at the calendar again to make sure it took effect. Email confirmations are NOT sent to members. If you have tried twice and your reservation is not showing up contact the Association Secretary.


Review or Cancellation:


You can review or cancel your reservations by logging in and selecting "My Reservations", then selecting "Details" on the far right of the reservation. You will be given options to cancel or change the reservation. You can cancel or change any time up to the start time of the reservation (8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.). If you need to cancel after that time contact the Association Secretary.


Drop In Use:


Reservations are not required to use the grounds. You can sign up for any non-reserved training area on a drop-in basis when you are at the entry gate kiosk. Check on-line after 7:00 a.m. each day to see what has been reserved for that day and what is still open for drop-in use, and write your name next to the desired training area on the list on the clipboard located at the entry kiosk.




To ensure that all Members have good access to training sites, there are a few restrictions on how many reservations may be made and what can be combined. These are described in the link below. Please read it before making your first reservation.


Reservation Guidelines



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